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Employee & community trusts

The Seriti Power Employee and Community Trusts each have a 5% unencumbered shareholding in Seriti Power Pty Ltd for the benefit of its employees and for the benefit of the members of communities adjacent to its mining operations

The activities of these trusts are separate from and in addition to the activities undertaken by the mines in terms of their Social and Labour Plans (SLPs), and go beyond the requirements of the Mining Charter.

Under the employee trusts, all permanent employees of the relevant group company share equally in any benefits distributed by the Trusts resulting from dividends received from the underlying company. 

The community trusts are structured to carry out activities and projects in local communities in line with the objectives of the community trust. These focus on making an impact through improving access to healthcare, education, housing and basic services amongst others. Seriti consults with members of the various communities through its community consultative forums to assess what activities are required and are feasible to carry out. 

Seriti, derived from Sesotho, stands for integrity.

It describes the aura cast by people as they go through life – the shadow that grows when we do good or diminishes when we misbehave. Essentially, Seriti is our reputation and our legacy.

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