Seriti is fully committed to the principles of honesty, integrity and fair play
About us

Purpose & values

South Africa can trust that we will continue to be a reliable long-term energy provider to Eskom, and to responsibly produce coal for export markets.

Our purpose

Seriti is an energy company, underpinned by coal.

We are actively engaged in the just transition to a low-carbon economy and will leverage new technologies and renewable energy at our mining operations to achieve this. Embracing green technology by using renewable energy at our operations is just as crucial for future generations as job creation.

We create and share value, with employees, communities and beyond.

Our values

These six fundamental values define our organisation’s culture and help our employees identify right from wrong and good from bad in their interactions with each other and external stakeholders

  • Safety and health without compromise

    Best-in-class performance

  • Care for the environment

    Commitment to operating in compliance with environmental protection requirements

  • Respect for all

    Fairness in all our stakeholder engagements

  • Integrity always

    Open, transparent and honest business and personal interactions

  • Transformation for the benefit of all stakeholders

    Facilitating long-term meaningful empowerment

  • Implement our promises

    Intelligent and effective delivery


We aim to realise our ambition to empower and create growth for all our stakeholders and achieve our strategic objectives through The Seriti Way


The way we implement and manage systems, processes and procedures


Our actions towards our deliverables


Our approach to successfully lead, manage and operate Seriti