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In 2020, Seriti employed around 7,600 people (3,800 permanent employees and 3,800 contractor employees) and is committed to growing our workforce by upskilling the youth from the communities surrounding our mines.

As a proudly South African company, attracting and retaining local people is critical for our company’s long-term success. When an opportunity becomes available, we first search for the right candidate within our company before expanding our search for the necessary skills within our host communities. Our total remuneration is also benchmarked against mining industry standards to ensure we retain the talent we find and appoint.

Current opportunities

Protection Officer; C Lower; VUS_KPS1083/22GS

Ref: VUS_KPS1083/22GS; Contract Type: Permanent; Level: Associate;

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Child of Employee Scholarship; VAR121/22GS - NVC

Ref: VAR121/22GS - NVC; Contract Type: Part-time; Level: Not Applicable;

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Child of Employee Scholarship; VAR121/22GS - KRL

Ref: VAR121/22GS - KRL; Contract Type: Part-time; Level: Not Applicable;

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Mining Operator UG; 4UN; KRL113/22GS

Ref: KRL113/22GS; Contract Type: Permanent; Level: Not Applicable;

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Human Resources Specialist; D Upper; KPS016/23GS

Ref: KPS016/23GS; Contract Type: Permanent; Level: Mid-Senior;

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