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Seriti continues to support the fight against GBVF focusing on preventative work among teenage boys

Johannesburg, 23 June 2023: A unique programme based on a partnership between a youth development NGO, Primestars, and a major mining company, Seriti Resources, sees the continuation of a nationwide educational programme to instil respect for women among high school-aged boys.

Primestars and Seriti Resources are working together on the 2nd annual implementation of the preventative Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) intervention programme that focuses on young boys from grades 8-12.

Called the What about the Boys? programme, Seriti Chief Corporate and Community Relations Officer Thabo Masike says the company has recognised its responsibility, and that of the entire industry, to play a leading part in the fight against GBV.

“We, as a business, want to build a relationship based on trust and honesty with these young boys and help them navigate their way to adulthood with tools and assets that will help them make better life decisions,” said Mr Masike during the annual launch event in Johannesburg on Thursday.

The What about the Boys? programme, devised by Primestars, was first rolled out across high schools in 2022 and reached 15 000 high school boys across the country helping to ensure that they abandon the traditional masculinity stereotypes that contribute to GBVF.

The initial programme included a film, an educational booklet, online resources and hands-on mentorship to help teach young boys the importance of empathy and dignity in all relationships.

The next phase of the programme will see significant enhancements including encouraging the young boys to become advocates against GBVF by setting up GBVF councils in their schools. The programme will also be expanded to new schools to help spread the message even further.

An assessment of the 2022 programme showed a positive impact from the participating schools with a shift in the attitudes and behaviour around bullying, violence and sexual harassment.

Participating organisations include Sasol, The Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority, Seriti Resources, Markham, Ford Foundation, ABSA and McDonald’s among others were present to commit themselves to support the worthy programme.

Learners, teachers and schools looking for more information should visit: For organisations looking to make a difference and get involved, as well as media enquiries, please contact:


Over 14 years Primestars has created national youth empowerment programmes for high school learners in under-resourced schools. Using cinemas as “theatres of learning”, as well as digital platforms, 100 000 learners annually have benefitted from a range of educational content, including maths and science revision lessons, entrepreneurship, and Career guidance.

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