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Safety & health

Seriti is committed to the pursuit of zero harm, which requires the collaboration of everyone in our organisation, including contractors and business partners.

Our governance framework addresses key risks and opportunities that arise from our activities while systematically maintaining regulatory compliance. We have aligned our approach to SHE management with our mine operating system, which is a structured method for setting targets, planning, scheduling, executing and improving performance to efficiently, effectively and sustainably achieve our business objectives.


We apply the following six essentials for safe production:

  • All activities are rigorously planned and structured to ensure that tasks are completed safely and without harm to our employees.

  • A process is in place to ensure that the correct tools and equipment are available and working at all times.

  • Relevant technical input and oversight are in place to ensure different areas and activities are designed and maintained with safety in mind.

  • Competent supervisors are appointed and adequately equipped to actively participate in the risk management process so that tasks are performed safely and efficiently.

  • A formal systemic change management process is in place to ensure changes are appropriately identified, recognised, assessed, communicated and executed.

  • We ensure a trained and competent workforce – employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to demonstrate commitment to zero harm in every task.

We closely monitor high potential hazards (HPHs) and high potential incidents (HPIs) as leading indicators in pursuit of zero harm.



(2022: 0.28)

per 200,000 hours worked



(2022: 57)

* total recordable case frequency rate


Our occupational health strategy and management approach are governed by a series of standards, guidelines and assurance processes to prevent harm to our employees. We believe that to achieve wellness we must holistically address all aspects of our lives.

Our approach is driven by two distinct disciplines: occupational hygiene and occupational medicine.

  • Occupational hygiene focuses on proactively identifying and controlling the sources of our employees’ exposure to health hazards in the workplace while profiling the associated risks. We have implemented engineering, administrative and control measures to mitigate risks to our employees. Employees attend training in the correct and effective use and replacement of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Occupational medicine entails monitoring our employees’ health. Our medical surveillance programmes incorporate screening for common lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and obesity. We also record the health baseline of each employee, and monitor their health throughout their employment to ensure focused interventions are used to assist them in maintaining good health.
New cases of occupational disease


(2022: 13)

number of cases

Investment in wellness and chronic disease management*


(2022: R26m)

*Including COVID-19 costs

Employees using EAP counselling service to manage relationships, stress and substance abuse


(2022: 14%)

Our response to COVID-19

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