Creating a legacy of shared value for all stakeholders


As a socially responsible corporate citizen, ESG principles are at the heart of our business and drive our commitment to transform the South African mining industry, as well as our approach to value creation for our country.

We recognise that, as a mining company and particularly a coal mining company, there might be concerns about a disjuncture between sustainable development and production of a fossil fuel. We recognise this potential misalignment and address it as follows:

Coal mining is crucial for South Africa’s economic growth and remains critical in supplying the country’s industrial and domestic energy needs for at least another 20 years. We have adopted a science-based approach to climate change and understand the urgency of the shift towards carbon-neutral energy generation. We strongly support a responsible and Just Transition towards renewable energy sources over time. We will seek to minimise and offset negative environmental impacts of our own operations, and support the discovery and implementation of cleaner and more efficient technology to reduce the negative impacts of coal consumption. We strive to ensure that our business has a lasting and positive impact on our employees, our communities and South Africa as a whole.

Our strategic pillars

ESG - Environment


Promoting responsible stewardship of natural resources and minimising environmental impacts while transitioning towards a diversified portfolio.

  • Being a responsible steward of environmental resources
  • Establishing a climate-resilient business for the future
  • Transitioning towards a diversified portfolio including renewable energy


Developing employees and communities through economic empowerment and social upliftment to promote sustainable livelihoods.

  • Maintaining our social licence to operate
  • Creating shared value for all stakeholders
  • Being recognised as an employer of choice
  • Establishing a social compact with government and communities
  • Promoting employee safety, health and wellness


Conducting our business ‘The Seriti Way’ – ethically, responsibly and transparently, supported by best-in-class corporate governance practices.

  • Developing a fit-for-purpose business
  • Promoting accountable and transparent practices
  • Embedding ESG practices as the core of our business strategy and sustainability

Towards a just transition

While coal will only remain central to our electricity generation for a few more decades, we must take along our citizens as we transcend from fossil fuel dependency to more sustainable, environmentally friendly forms of electricity generation.

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